Mansfield Bus Information & Schedule

Fullington Trailways Bus Schedule


The ELMIRA (North bound) Bus now leaves at 10:20 AM and 4:00 PM

The WILLIAMSPORT (South bound) Bus now leaves at 12:45 PM and 5:55 PM

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early to purchase tickets.

For After Hours and Weekend purchases meet the driver at the Bus Stop at 51 South Main Street.

For weekend or after hours bus questions call
Fullington Trailways at 1-888-847-2430

Purchase tickets at:
Mansfield Chamber of Commerce
Open 9:00AM - 2:00PM Weekdays
All sales Credit, Debit, Cash

It is always a good idea to call ahead to verify times and prices. All Ticket sales are cash only.

The bus also has stops in Blossburg, Liberty, and Troy.

Frequent Destinations
City Harrisburg
Depart Mansfield 12:45 pm Harrisburg 1:00 pm
Arrival Harrisburg 4:00 pm Mansfield 4:00 pm
City New York City
Depart Mansfield 12:45 pm NYC 7:30 am
Arrival NYC 8:50 pm Mansfield 4:00 pm
City Philadelphia
Depart Mansfield 12:45 pm Philadelphia 7:30 am*
Arrival Philadelphia 8:40 pm Mansfield 4:00 pm
*Philadelphia 1001 Filbert Street Bus Parking lot Gate 11 Susquehanna Trailways Bus
City Pittsburgh
Depart Mansfield 12:45 pm Pittsburgh 4:50 am
Arrival Pittsburgh 11:00 pm Mansfield 4:00 pm
City Elmira
Depart Mansfield 10:20 am Elmira 12:00 pm
Arrival Elmira 11:30 am Mansfield 12:45 pm
Depart Mansfield 4:00 pm Elmira 5:00 pm
Arrival Elmira 4:50 pm Mansfield 5:55 pm
City Williamsport
Depart Mansfield 12:45 pm Williamsport 9:30 am
Arrival Williamsport 2:00 pm Mansfield 10:20 am
Depart Mansfield 5:55 pm Williamsport 3:00 pm
Arrival Williamsport 6:55 pm Mansfield 4:00 pm
City Troy (Departures From Troy Only)
Depart Troy 10:55 am Elmira 11:30 am
Depart Troy 12:25 pm Mansfield 12:45 pm
Depart Troy 4:20 pm Elmira 5:00 pm
Depart Troy 5:30 pm Mansfield 5:55 pm