History of Mansfield

In the 1790’s, Tioga County was heavily forested with dense evergreens and white pine.  English and German immigrants made their way from Philadelphia to populate the Genesee Valley and Finger Lakes Regions of New York State.  In 1800 Asa Mann, an Englishman from Rhode Island, settled at the northern end of what is now the borough of Mansfield.  On March 27, 1857 the first borough officials were elected.  The Mansfield Classical Seminary was built and opened in 1857 at a cost of $20,000.  In 1862 it became a State Normal School, later a State Teachers College, a State College, and is now Mansfield University.  Mansfield University is one of the areas larger employers.  The most predominant industry in the area today is Marcellus Shale.  For more about the history of Mansfield Pennsylvania see this link: History of Mansfield


Our most valuable history resource for visitors and researchers is the Tri County Genealogy Site.  Joyce M. Tice’s site http://www.joycetice.com/jmtindex.htm  has 17,000 pages of local history.  You can find everything from cemetery records and school histories to diaries and artifacts. 

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