The Betterment Organization of Mansfield (BOOM) is an economic development organization comprised of volunteers of various local businesses and professions that are dedicated to the enhancement of the quality of life of those who live in the Mansfield area. Our main focus has been on job creation, economic growth, community beautification, participation in regional planning and the creation of appropriate partnerships. We wish to endeavor to make the greater Mansfield area a community of choice. The choice of current inhabitants to remain, the choice of others to bring their families and their skills, and the choice of entrepreneurs who are looking for business sites. The Board of Directors is committed to the task of providing leadership and services which create a positive environment for appropriate development of human and physical resources which will insure a high standard of life for the citizens of the Mansfield area.

To accomplish our mission, The Betterment Organization of Mansfield (BOOM) Board of Directors maintains positive attitudes toward community improvement programs, recognize that change is inevitable and to plan to accommodate it, cooperate with other regional community development organizations, collect, maintain and share current information pertaining to community development and to encourage the creation and development programs, policies and procedures that will enhance the quality of life in our community.